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Style & Fashion in Singapore

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trends and fashion in Singapore
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1: Please post entries relating to STYLE only. Other posts not relating to style (eg. ipods, lomos, digicams) will be deleted.

2: Membership & Posting access is free for now, but we'd delete anything thats unrelated or utter crap. Oh,and please don't post your naked self, thanks... Unless you're REALLY HOT. We make exceptions for hot people :P But we love everyone! We promise!

3: Style is subjective to each individual so be nice even if you don't like someone's style. Its the internet alright, don't take us waaay too seriously. This is just for fun (and fashionable) people.
4: What's related to fashion: Clothes, Makeup, Accessories, Hair, Skin, Nails, What I wore today, What I'm wearing today, What I want to buy, What I bought, Is this FASHION?????, Should I buy??, Do I need???, I need a makeover I'm so ugly!!!, Check out my new...., etc.

5: Don't ask the same questions everytime! Check the tags to see if a question has been posted before. Duh.

6: Please use lj-cut on large/multiple pictures. Don't screw up our friends' pages! And please make sure the pictures are working, otherwise we'll delete them. Preview before posting!
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