high waisted jeans

Hi Girls!

im looking for high waisted denim jeans, not shorts. Im all psyched for Halloween but im without a bottom!

Ive tried Bugis Village Level 2, Far East Plaza, Topshop, Miss Selfridge etc.

I cant find them anywhere. I saw a friend, who is UK 14,  who bought hers ages ago at Bugis, but when i went there and tried out the sizes, i cant fit into any of them. My butt's big and i totally hating it right now. My bottom is usually Uk 10-12.

Please help, loves!
Appreciate it sooo much.



What types of clothes to expect in KL

hey gals, I'll be going to KL in Nov. What kinda clothes can I expect to find there? Stuff that Sg doesn't have so no Topshop, Esprit etc for me. I'm hoping more of streetwear like HK style. Am I able to find all those? Heard about the cheap shoes!
What stuff can I expect at the Chinatown pasar malam as well?