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hey girls,

where can i get shoes like these?

they're called creepers!
do email me at makeitlikemagic@live.com or leave a comment. any help would be really appreciated!! :)


FLEA MARKET STALLS FOR SALE at Sunday Eclectica on Sunday, 13 March 2011!

Sunday Eclectica promotes local DIY arts and crafts and local independent fine art. We warmly welcome seamstresses, artisans, craftsmen, jewelers, sculptors, photographers, illustrators, and artists in general.

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Sunday Eclectica is a permanent fortnightly series of flea markets devoted to the discovery of the random. Please join us from 2.00 pm to 8.00 pm on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month at The Pigeonhole (52 & 53 Duxton Road).

To purchase a stall, or for more information, please e-mail ave@thepigeonhole.com.sg.

help needed!


Hi ladies! I'm looking for sandals similar to these. They're from American Eagle but I can't afford to wait a month to get them cos I'm leaving sg soon. Any idea where I can get a similar pair? I am aware that several shops like Rubi sell sandals but they seem to be of poor quality....I prefer to pay more for comfy shoes :) Would like to buy a pair with a textured footbed so it's not so slippery (especially if you have sweaty feet) and cushioning. Sole should also be ridged with good grip. Anyone knows where to find such sandals? Lmk, thank you!

Germany - Munich

 Hello girls!

I'll be flying to Germany - Munich and Prague for Christmas and I need some help!

Anyone knows:
1. What will be good to buy there, H&M, Birkenstocks, where and what else?
2. How much would be a comfortable amount to bring (I'm already lodging at a friend's place)?
3. How cold is it going to be? And what would be ideal for wearing there (eg, will leggings be too little to keep warm)?
4. Any nice place to visit?

Would appreciate any form of advice, thanks in advance! :)


Looking for good eyeliner & makeup remover :D

Hi :)
Can anyone reccommend me some good eyeliner that doesn't drip? 
So far i've tried etude house, MAC, chanel and rimmel, but after wearing it for a while it sorta moves down my eye and drips and all. ):
So yes, is it something i just have to deal with or does anyone know any good brands of eyeliner that stays quite still all the time? :)

I'm also looking for a good eye makeup remover!
I've tried majorlica majorca (stained my contacts), etude house (ok but sometimes stings my eyes), and body shop (stings my eyelids!!!) , so does anyone know of any brands of makeup remover i should look out for? :)

Thanks!!! :)