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12th-Aug-2010 10:09 pm(no subject)

im urgently looking for this handbag.
anyone hv seen it anywhere?

30th-Jul-2010 11:13 pm(no subject)
pink, badges, pretty, lovely, cute

Quick question - do you think this Coach bag is work-appropriate? If not, any ideas what to match it with?

Thanks in advance. (:
1st-Aug-2010 11:35 pm(no subject)
Anyone knows where to get oversized white tees like in this picture? :)

Credits to wearerubbish

Thanks in advance! :)
5th-Aug-2010 04:35 pm(no subject)
I used to have wavy hair and i rebonded it.
Im sick of rebonded hair now.
Anyone knows how to get rid of it?

5th-Aug-2010 09:34 pm - Half-cab Pro
Hi there, anyone knows where to get this pair of half-cab shoe from SINGAPORE or any online website that ships to Singapore? Thanks in advance!

18th-Jul-2010 12:49 am - METAL TEETH

I would like to have bracessss. Do you guys have any good recommendations? Cost is a slight problem, are there any places where they have flexible 'paying processes' or somethingggg? Thank you guys in advance!!! :D 
6th-Jul-2010 06:33 pm(no subject)
Does anyone know where I can get slouchy pocket shirt which are not sheer and not too pricey? Offline or online are fine
Something like this:
Thanks in advance:)

10th-Jul-2010 02:22 pm(no subject)
Hi all

Anyone knows where to find brand new mannequins like those below?


1st-Jul-2010 11:29 pm - GEO/EOS circle lenses
spock; energize
Hi there,

Anyone know where I can get GEO/EOS circle lenses here in Singapore? Offline and online, but not pre-orders as I'm flying off soon. Preferably ones that I can get as soon as possible.

4th-Jul-2010 12:18 pm - Contouring face
I'm thinking of contouring my face but I've no idea what to buy.
Is foundation and powder the same? Because i actually bought the foundation that is 2 tone darker than my skin instead of the powder.
Thank you! 
12th-Jun-2010 06:34 am - how to match tie dye leggings
hi girls,
i just bought pink tie-dye leggings today but don't know how to match it. oh and i've got a pair of blue tights(not electric blue but still striking).
I've never bought anything so loud before. Suggestions please?

16th-Jun-2010 12:16 am - Bangkok Tailors

 Hey girls/guys!

Will be heading to Bangkok soon, anyone can recommend tailors that can tailor good work pants/shirts/blouses/skirts? 
Made to measure kind that's good, affordable and fast?

Thanks in advance and any help will be greatly appreciated! (:

16th-Jun-2010 06:42 pm(no subject)
Clémence Poésy
hi girls! anyone knows where to get off shoulder tops and slouchy ones like these? (:


*credits to just jared

also thick long sleeved ones that we can wear with shorts!

*credits to dirtylittlestylewhore

thanks so much! (:
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